Julie Kitzenberger at the “Landscape Photography: First Lessons” show

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“Landscape Photography: First Lessons”
In support of Dr. Gary Klee’s SJSU EnvS 166 “Nature and Conservation Photography” class

Julie Kitzenberger, a local landscape photographer and member of the Aegis Gallery in Saratoga and Museum of Los Gatos Gallery in Los Gatos, will present examples of challenges beginning landscape photographers face. A presentation of 10 to 15 images in a gallery setting provides the vehicle to demonstrate simple examples of how to optimize images captured and avoid common pitfalls. Challenges and suggested solutions will be posted by images for self-guided learning. Julie will be on hand during the Reception to answer additional questions.

LOCATION: San Jose State University, Art Building: Gallery 2, Room 131

EXHIBITION DATES: Monday, February 2, through Thursday, February 5, 2009

RECEPTION – MEET THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Tuesday, February 3, 2009: 6 – 8 PM

GALLERY HOURS: Monday – Thursday, 10:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Tuesday evening, 6 – 8 PM

FOR INFORMATION: Julie Kitzenberger – (408) 348-4199
Email: juliekphoto@aceweb.com http://aegisgallery.com/artists/kitzenberger/index.html
Portfolio Website: http://photo.net/photos/JulieKitzenberger

December 13, 2008 meeting

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Photo of artworks for Artist of the Month

Photo of artworks for Blue Ribbon Gallery

Doug Wright critiques artworks of CAG members

Photo of Doug Wright during critique

Photo of Doug Wright during critique

Photo of Annie & Doug Olander during critique

Photo of Doug Wright during critique

Photo of Doug Wright during critique

Photo of Doug Wright during critique

Photo of CAG members during critique

Photo of Doug Wright during critique

Artist of the Month winners for December, 2008

1st place: Anne Carvalho – Christmas Herald (watercolor)

Photo of

2nd place: Bud Hunziker – Bud Hunziker (watercolor)

Photo of

3rd place: Janice Santos – 1282-Summer (oil)

Photo of

Blue Ribbon Gallery winner for December, 2008

Pat Hunziker – Hong Kong Harbor (watercolor)

Photo of

Ken Schwab will demonstrate Pastels with Stencils at the January 24, 2009 meeting

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Ken Schwab has recently retired from teaching in the public schools. Some of you have met Ken when he recently substituted in Doug Wright’s MAEP classes. Ken works in many media, and has co-authored two books Start to Draw and Drawing Course 101. On January 24, he will be demonstrating his unique technique with pastels. Even if you don’t normally work in pastel, you will find it to be an interesting demonstration…and it may encourage you to try a new medium!