February 28, 2015 CAG meeting

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DATE: February 28, 2015
TIME: 1:30 p.m. (1:15 p.m. if competing)
LOCATION: First Congregational Church at 1980 Hamilton Avenue, San Jose

The meeting will include:

Speaker: Jeff Bramschreiber, “Getting Ready for A Show.” Jeff has been pursuing his passion for art for forty years in a plethora of mediums. He taught for nearly 12 years at the Triton Museum of Art and is now President of its Board of Directors. He continues to provide assistance in developing the museum’s educational programs with the Curator of Education. Don’t forget to bring a pad of paper and your pen because Jeff will have valuable information you will not want to forget! Jeff is extremely knowledgeable so this is your chance to “pick a judge’s brain” when it comes to exhibits.

Nomination of Officers: The office of President, Vice President, and a Programs Chair are open. Please consider running for one of these offices; these positions are not difficult or time-consuming and every member benefits. It isn’t rocket science.

Spring Art Project: Bring photos of interesting subject matter and good composition and membership will vote on two photos to work from.

Artist of the Month and Blue Ribbon Gallery competitions will continue this month.

City of Campbell Launches New Art Project

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With the help of several members of the Campbell Artists’ Guild, the City of Campbell and its Civic Improvement Commission has just launched its utility box beautification project, Art Outside the Box. You may have noticed the results of such projects throughout San Jose or Santa Cruz, and other nearby cities where
artist have undertaken the beautification of utility boxes.

Art Outside the Box provides an opportunity for artists residing in Santa Clara County to paint one of up to ten utility boxes throughout Campbell. It would be such a source of pride for the Guild if one or more artists from within our organization were selected to participate. An Honorarium is offered and the amount depends on the box selected. Box prep and sealing will be provided by the city. If you think you might be interested, please see the City’s website www.cityofcampbell.com for links to more information on eligibility, guidelines, box locations, photos, plus instructions on how to submit your application and conceptual drawing.

To participate, you must be a resident of Santa Clara County. Your application and concept must be received by 5:00 p.m. on April 3, 2015.

If painting a utility box is not your strong suit, you may still participate by becoming a patron or donor (no amount is too small), and you may do so on the web site or in person.

Photos from the January 2015 CAG meeting

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Artist of the Month competition – January 2015

Artist of the Month Competition
First Place: Liyuza Eisbach – “Peru – Market” (acrylic)
Liyuza Eisbach -
Second Place: Anne Carvalho – “Love to Ride” (watercolor)
Anne Carvalho - “Love to Ride” (watercolor)
Third Place: Amy-Elyse Near – “Experimental Autumn” (watercolor on wood)
Amy-Elyse Near - “Experimental Autumn” (watercolor on wood)

Blue Ribbon Gallery – January 2015

Blue Ribbon Gallery Competition
Barbara Weiss – “Untitled” (pastel)
Barbara Weiss - “Untitled” (pastel)

Demo by Michael Rogan