August 22, 2015 CAG meeting

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DATE: August 22, 2015
TIME: 12:30 p.m. until 3:30 p.m.

LOCATION: First Congregational Church at 1980 Hamilton Avenue, San Jose

Demonstrator: Guild member, Al Giraudo

Competitions held this month

Submit photos for Autumn Art Project

Twice yearly (February and August) members are invited to submit one or two of their favorite photographs to be voted upon by membership for our Spring and Autumn Group Projects. Out of the plethora of photographs, the two with the most votes are the ones that we, as a group, will use. Participants may interpret these photographs in any medium, on any substrate, and in any form. Participation is not mandatory. Artwork is presented to membership four (4) months later at a General meeting where each artist is asked to explain their approach to the project, the medium used, etc. Two provisos: when submitting photographs, please seriously consider composition; color copies from magazines or other artists’ photographs are not allowed.

Autumn Group Art Project 2015

Submit one or two photographs: August 22, General Meeting
Deadline and presentation of finished project: December 5, General Meeting

Guidelines for Participation
• You may choose to interpret one or both of the selected photos voted upon.
• You may use any medium to interpret these photos.
• There will be no judging involved, ribbons or awards presented.
• No framing is necessary but your art must be dry to handle by the specified deadline.
• Selected photos (JPEG image) will be emailed to you. It is the responsibility of each participant to make
prints. Those participants without printers may purchase prints from Barb Overholt at $2 per print.

Guild Continues With Beautification Project

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Have you noticed that Campbell has gotten a bit more beautiful lately? It’s thanks to “Art Outside the Box,” a beautification project undertaken by the City of Campbell’s Civic Improvement Commission (CCIC), which has turned common utility boxes into beautiful outdoor art.

Project Manager Alan Zisser realized at the outset that the Campbell Artists’ Guild would be the perfect partner to help develop and launch the program. At his request, four Guild members formed a volunteer committee to work with the CCIC: Armidia Costello, Sharon La Bouff, Amy-Elyse Neer and Barbara Weiss.

After nearly 150 hours of both weekly planning sessions and additional production work outside of the meetings, Guild members created the “Call to Artists”invitations incorporating artwork by Amy-Elyse Neer. Invitations were distributed to relevant locations identified by the Guild to ensure artists throughout Santa Clara County were aware of the opportunity.

The response from local artists was overwhelming. Nearly 50 concept drawings were received from approximately 40 applicants. “Selecting only a few from all of the impressive submissions was a very difficult task,” said Armidia Costello. But select they did, and as of this week there are six beautifully painted utility boxes in and around downtown Campbell. Four more paintings are in the works. To find the locations of these painted boxes, log onto

“The Guild’s Art Box Committee contributed to the planning, research, materials and color consultations, document development and technical information. Members continue to volunteer to clean and prime the boxes prior to painting by the artists. The Guild also contributed financially to this successful program and sponsored one of the boxes,” said Barbara Weiss, then President of the Guild. “With Phase 1 nearly complete, the Guild’s committee is looking forward to working with the CCIC on Phase 2, which may include an additional 10 utility boxes spread throughout the City.”