December 3rd, 2016 CAG meeting, no demo

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DATE: December 3rd, 2016
TIME: 1:00 p.m. until 3:30 p.m.

LOCATION: First Congregational Church at 1980 Hamilton Avenue, San Jose
There is a $2 charge at the door for room rental.

Competitions held this month. Holiday Potluck Party. Presenting Autumn Group Project. Artist Trading Cards exchanged. No demonstrator.

This meeting promises to be a fun and festive one. We will be holding our monthly competitions as well as enjoying presentations from those who participated in the Autumn Group Project, swapping Artist Trading Cards, and sampling the various savory potluck finger food brought by those in attendance. It will be a fun event and one not to be missed! So remember to bring a savory dish and be sure to bring a plate and eating utensils. Jingle

Photos from the October 22, 2016 CAG meeting

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Artist of the Month

First Place

Denis Wik, "Whale Songs," Acrylic

Denis Wik, “Whale Songs,” Acrylic


Second Place

Diann Klink, "In the Head Lights," Acrylic

Diann Klink, “In the Head Lights,” Acrylic


Third Place

AAse Serra, "Dragon," Acrylic

AAse Serra, “Dragon,” Acrylic



Blue Ribbon Gallery competition
Frieda Tesler, “Galleon,” Watercolor

Frieda Tesler, “Galleon,” Watercolor