The March 24, 2012 meeting

The March meeting will include our potluck, awards for Artist(s) of the Year, and white elephant sale. Please let La Verne Frasier know what you plan to bring for the potluck so she can coordinate. Also, be setting aside unwanted artist supplies and other small items (books, jewelry, etc.) to donate for the sale. If the item sells, the money goes to the Guild, and if it doesn’t sell, you take it home with you.

Bring your food, a place setting for yourself, things to sell, and cash to buy things. It’s always a fun meeting. Join us!

DATE: March 24, 2012

TIME: 1:30 PM.

PLACE: First Congregational Church of San Jose., 1980 Hamilton Ave., San Jose, Ca. 95125. Guests are welcome. We will require a $2 donation toward room rental. Please bring correct change. Refreshments will be provided.

Photos from the Febuary 25, 2012 meeting

Photo of artworks for the Artist of the Month competition

Photo of artworks for the Blue Ribbon competition

Jaya King demonstrates a collage using acrylic and 3-D objects

Photo of Jaya King during the demonstration

Photo of Jaya King during the demonstration

Photo of Jaya King during the demonstration

Artist of the Month winners for February, 2012

1st place: Laura Sternberg – “Dessert Caravan” (watercolor )

Photo of Laura Sternberg

2nd place: Liyuza Eisbach – “Wilderness Idaho” (acrylic)

Photo of Liyuza Eisbach

3rd place: Aase Serra – “Meadow” (acrylic)

Photo of Aase Serra

Blue Ribbon winner for February, 2012

Bonnie Rokas – “Posy Basket” (watercolor)

Photo of Bonnie Rokas

Artists’ Reception Scheduled at Corinthian House

Campbell Artists’ Guild (CAG) will be holding an artists’ reception at the Corinthian House this coming Saturday, March 10 from 2-4:00 p.m. Artists who are exhibiting, please bring savory dishes. Bob Craddock has offered to supply festive music for us – thank you so much Bob!

Artists On Exhibit (January 17-March 20, 2012):

Marlene Bird
Patty Dick
Marianne Eichenbaum
Barb Overholt
Jim Rogers
Slava Shabrov