Mary Lou Wyman will demonstrating iris art at the April 28th, 2012 meeting

The demonstrator this month is Mary Lou Wyman, a local artist and member of the Cambrian Art League who’ll be sharing her love of the iris through her art. The title of her presentation is, “Up Close and Personal…the Iris”.

DATE: April 28th, 2012
TIME: 1:30 PM.

PLACE: First Congregational Church of San Jose., 1980 Hamilton Ave., San Jose, Ca. 95125. Guests are welcome. We will require a $2 donation toward room rental. Please bring correct change. Refreshments will be provided.

Photos from the March 24, 2012 meeting

Photo of artworks for the Artist of the Month competition

Photo of artworks for the Blue Ribbon competition




Artist of the Month winners for March, 2012

1st place: Barb Overholt – “Hamlet in France” (oil)

Photo of Barb Overholt

2nd place: Marlene Bird – “Antiquing w/Barb” (collage)

Photo of Marlene Bird

3rd place: Liyuza Eisbach – “Grand Canyon, Arizona” (acrylic)

Photo of Liyuza Eisbach

Blue Ribbon Gallery winner for March, 2012

Sharon LaBouff – “Cherries” (watercolor)

Photo of Sharon LaBouff

Artist of the Year

1st place: Sharon LaBouff

Photo of Sharon LaBouff

2nd place: Bonnie Rokas

Photo of Bonnie Rokas

3rd place: Liyuza Eisbach

Photo of Liyuza Eisbach