Artists’ Galleries

For Guild members interested in displaying their art online

For Guild members interested in displaying their art online

1. Select no more than 10 pieces of your art.

2. If your artwork is for sale, interested buyers must contact you directly.

3. Give the following information for each piece of art:

– Title of Art
– Medium
– Art Dimensions
– Price (optional)
– Contact Information

Photographing Your Art. If your artwork is framed and under glass, it is best to remove the glass and frame for the best photo. If you have a high gloss varnish on your artwork, this will affect a good photo as well. Please check out the following link on helpful suggestions on how to photograph your art:

4. Include a brief biography of yourself. By brief, we would like to know your art process (if you have one), how you became interested in art, what fuels your passion, etc. No more than 1/2 page would be perfect. Your biography will be included in the Guild’s Biography Binder which is always available and read by many of our visitors at our Annual Art Show.

5. Send your individual JPEG images to the Membership Chair. She will compile your information and send a PDF file for your proof and approval. Once approved, this information will be sent to our Webmaster who will post it on the Guild’s website.

Prices in the gallery do not include tax or shipping cost(s). For further information, please contact the individual artist.