Theresa Ramos-DuVon

Theresa Ramos-DuVon - Giant Dipper Reflections

Giant Dipper Reflections

Theresa Ramos-DuVon - Yosemite Bridge Winter Reflections

Yosemite Bridge Winter Reflections

Theresa Ramos-DuVon - Maria


Theresa Ramos-DuVon - Life Is Beautiful

Life Is Beautiful

Theresa Ramos-DuVon - Pointe Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio

Theresa Ramos-DuVon - Venice At Night

Venice At Night

Theresa Ramos-DuVon - Piazza San Marco, Venezia

Piazza San Marco, Venezia

Theresa Ramos-DuVon - Flowers of Assisi

Flowers of Assisi

Theresa Ramos-DuVon - Serenity


About Theresa

Theresa (Tes) Ramos-DuVon works as a human resources professional by vocation but photography runs in her blood. Her grandfather, Regino Gonzalez, was the official photographer for two Philippine presidents. He started giving Theresa photography lessons at the tender age of seven. Theresa’s inclination for this art, however, remained “dormant” for decades.

Throughout her professional life, Theresa has dedicated herself to helping other people discover their talents and inspire them to use their gifts to make a difference in their workplace and communities. On her 50th birthday, her brother gifted her with her first SLR camera because he believed she has “the eye” and talent for capturing the beauty of Mother Nature. This started Theresa’s adventure with photography.

Theresa officially came out of her cocoon in 2013 exhibiting her travel photographs at the Saratoga Rotary Art Show and the Silicon Valley Open Studios.

For Theresa, each moment in our life is a gift. She believes that blessings upon blessings surround us and dwell within us. She takes pictures hoping to capture these special moments in her heart. In all these images, she sees glimpses of the Divine Hand who lovingly made all things possible. She shares these images to the world to witness how beautiful life is in all its forms and most of all to glorify the Source of all these moments!

Pricing for Artwork:
8 x 12 matted print = $50
16 x 24 canvas print = $150
20 x 30 canvas print = $200

Artist Contact Information:
Theresa Ramos-DuVon, photographer
707-718-4772 (v)

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