David Eisbach

David Eisbach grew up in Illinois, became a Marine, earned degrees from San José State College, taught high school, became a Realtor and served on the San José Arts Commission. Drawn to the Willow Glen Poetry Group, he joined a small band of poets, who formed the Willow Glen Poetry Project blog that publishes anthologies in which he has poems. David enlisted poets for 40-minute readings in NoonArts & Lectures and into Mission Chamber Orchestra’s Noteworthy Desserts fund-raisers. In 2015, he revived the San José Poetry Festival, dormant since 2007. He has always loved art and throughout the years he took painting classes at City College, Adult Education and finally at Campbell Community Center. The instructors over the last four years have been Doug Wright, Kim Navarre and Pat Jimenez – each an inspiration. He curated several art exhibitions at the Trianon Theatre Art Gallery and later hung his paintings there for several years before the Trianon closed. He is a member of the Cambrian Artists League and the Campbell Artists Guild. He has shown his works with these groups at the Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara, CA, earning two ribbons annually.

If David has a philosophy of art, he paints what moves him. It’s not unusual for him to write a poem to accompany his work. Paradise Lost, the painting and poem are drawn from the disastrous California fires.  The figure reminded him of an ascetic saint pleading with God.

Contact: deisbach@sbcglobal.net

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