Kristie Rogers

With an early passion for photography, Kristie Rogers, embarked on a long career as a Radiologic Technologist. Her photos inspired her to take the next step and created paintings from them. 

Kristie expressed an interest in learning how to paint and, with the help of her cousin, well-respected California artist Carol Higgins, introduced her to pastels. Carol taught her how to paint a bird on a branch for her first pastel painting and gave her pastel and watercolor supplies. Having thoroughly enjoyed the experience, Kristie was both inspired and encouraged, and began taking art classes.

Kristie quickly realized early on that she marches to her own drummer as her creations turned out uniquely different from those of her classmates. With her own quirky spins and insight, continues to develop her pastel and watercolor skills through classes and community involvement. She received her first art commission in 2019. As a member of Campbell Artists’ Guild, Cambrian Artists League, and Los Gatos Art Association, she has won three first place ribbons. Kristie believes that the creation of art brings harmony to the mind, body, and soul.

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