Liyuza Eisbach

Liyuza received a degree in Classical Archaeology from the University of Istanbul, Turkey. She worked at the famous Hagia Sophia Museum as a curator. For two years she was in Athens, Greece studying Byzantine art and architecture at the university.

After coming to America, she enrolled at San Jose State University and received her MA degree in Art History. This was followed by a 25-year career teaching art history, modern art, and art appreciation at West Valley College, De Anza College, San Jose Community College, and Evergreen Community College. She has trained docents for the San Jose Museum of Art and is a member of the American Archaeological Society.

Liyuza has travelled extensively, especially in Western Europe and the United States. She, with her husband David, have visited the world’s finest art galleries. She also taught in San Jose’s Adult Education Program and has participated in exhibitions at Evergreen Community College.

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