Smruti Kurse

Smruti Kurse was born in Pune, India, and graduated with a degree in commercial art from JJ school of Applied Arts & Institute of Applied Arts (Mumbai, India). Smruti married her love in 1992 and moved to the U.S. in 1995 to join her husband. She worked in the corporate world for a few years and decided to quit in 2002 to spend time with her young family. Since 2002, she has been managing family and part-time work for non-profit organizations (USHF), volunteering at the local school and community events.

Smruti works in oils, graphite-charcoal, colored pencils but mostly in pyrography (wood-burning).  At first her artwork was donated at the local school art functions however, in 2015 she received a commission in oil painting which jump-started her career in art. In the same year, she also became interested in exploring pyrography given its uniqueness and limited exposure.  She learned pyrography on her own by watching online videos and reading literature. She has now completed multiple pieces of pyrography art, which have been displayed at the local exhibitions. It was a proud moment for Smruti, when local art lovers purchased a couple of her pyrography artwork (at first sight). Her love for the pyrography medium has not halted her work in oils and pencils. She has received multiple awards every year at the local exhibitions in different mediums.

Smruti lives and works in San Jose, California with her husband, Gopi, and two beautiful children, Rohan and Simran.

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