August 2019 • Denise Howard

Denise Howard (CPSA, CPX, UKCPS, MPAS)
“Creating Fine Art Using Colored Pencil”

We were fortunate to have local artist Denise Howard as our demonstrator on August 24. Denise presented a plethora of information from a well thought out outline that brought a new perspective on this medium. More a presentation than a demonstration, she discussed in detail the following in the handout that was provided to membership in attendance:

• Why Use Colored Pencils?
• History of Colored Pencils
• Some Famous Artists Who Used Colored Pencils
• Types of Colored Pencils
• Surfaces
• Tools
• Techniques
• Problems
• Marketing Color Pencil Art
• Good Books on Colored Pencil Techniques
• Internet Links for Further Exploration

For many in attendance, it was a very educational and inspiring look into this colorful and exciting medium. Her amazing works were on display as well.

To see more of her beautiful work, please visit:
For inquiries, please contact her via email: