October 2019 • Sam Pearson

Pastel Demonstration with

Los Gatos-based Artist Sam Pearson

We welcomed Sam Pearson to our October 26 General Meeting where he provided a fabulous demonstration into the world of pastels! We were in awe of his talent and expertise in creating a beautiful piece of art in such a short period of time. His demo included sharing what he has learned over the years and also sharing his completed art pieces. His demo started by presenting quick value and composition studies in deciding lights/darks, detail, center of interest, warm and cool colors. He first created a watercolor underpainting on University Art’s 280 sanded paper using complimentary colors that he anticipated using prior to applying Ludwig hard and soft pastels.

We hope he will return in the near future for another opportunity to demonstrate his many talents. In the meantime, you may visit his website and view his beautiful paintings at: www.spearsonartist.com.