Photos from the July 27th, 2013 meeting

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Photo of artworks for the Blue Gallery competition


Photo of artworks for the Artist of the Month competition


Raja Guha Thakurta gives insight into his creative process and his personal stories he tells through his amazing artwork

Raja Guha Thakurta tells the story behind this portrait of his nanny and the relevance behind the various symbols painted in the background.

Photo o f Raja Guha Thakurta during the demonstation

Raja Guha Thakurta explains the various illustrations that are incorporated into John Rubbo’s commissioned portrait.


Artist of the Month winners for July, 2013

John Rubbo, First Place with his photograph “Early Morning”.

Photo of John Rubbo, First Place with his photograph “Early Morning"


Tes Ramos-DuVon, Second Place with her photograph “Sunset in Santa Cruz”.

Photo of Tes Ramos-DuVon, Second Place with her photograph “Sunset in Santa Cruz"


Jackie Bishop, Third Place with her watercolor “Watch the March”.

Photo of Jackie Bishop, Third Place with her watercolor “Watch the March”."


Blue Ribbon Gallery winner for July, 2013

Frieda Tesler with her watercolor “Norwegian Fishing Fleet”.



2012 Artist of the Year

Bonnie Rokas with her Artist of the Year ribbon.

Photo of Bonnie Rokas with her Artist of the Year ribbon.



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