The Triton Museum of Art Presents: A Midsummer Art Celebration & Classic Car Event

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Be it known by all who read further that this prospectus pertains to the withertos and whyfores of the above magical event. Therefore read carefully that you may understand and gain wisdom.

  1. The Mid-Summer Art Show is an invitational event not an open event, with a combination of individual and club artists participating. The invitational aspect gives us the ability to control the size of the event and its new layout and also to allow room for the classic car participants. We will invite as may artists as possible to participate in this event.
  2. There is no entry or booth fee for participating artists, each individual artist will receive 1(one) 10’x10’ space for set-up.
  3. There is no entry or booth fee for participating club artists. Each participating club will receive 2 (two) 10’ x10’ spaces for set up. The exceptions will be the largest clubs who will require more space (some of whom have already contacted me). However, expansion will be at the minimum required due to the new layout.
  4. All canopies, tables, chairs etc. and booth set ups are the sole responsibility of the artists and clubs and are not provided by the museum. Due to city ordinance stakes may not be used to secure your canopies. Remember the “Triton Winds” are forceful and fickle and you should provide for weighing down your booths/displays in some fashion.
  5. The show this year will be emphasizing the Midsummer aspect of the event and therefore period or medieval attire is requested for those who wish to participate. The period attire is of course an optional request not a requirement, but I do encourage you to do so. This should add an element of fun to the show and possibly inspire people to come and check it out. No weapons please.
  6. The event will be from 10a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday the 26th. Set up can begin at 7:30 a.m. Come to my booth (Jeff Bramschreiber) so I can provide you with receipt books, pens and your booth space as well as any last minute instructions.
  7. Any artist who has not participated in the last Midsummer event or AVA event must be juried into the event by George Rivera and myself. Dates for upcoming jurying sessions at University Art San Jose will be posted soon. Call me for details (408)629-7883 or e-mail at snjbram@aol.com!
  8. The Triton Museum of Art will handle all sales and sales tax. You will be provided with receipt books, instructions and pens. In the event that you make a sale, the Triton Museum of Art will take a 30% portion of that sale.
  9. There will be music, food available, and there will be a few wandering minstrels and jugglers around the event throughout the day.
  10. A portion of the Triton parking lot will be set up for a wonderful classic car display with the owner drivers there to show and tell you about their machines.
  11. We maybe able to use City Hall Parking lot for parking after we have dropped off and set-up, and this will allow the maximum space for visitors to park. I am waiting on official confirmation from the City which should be forthcoming. I will keep you posted.
  12. It will undoubtedly be warm so make sure you stay hydrated and use sun-block and if possible wear a hat of some sort.
  13. Deadline for participation is June 1, 2010 absolutely no exceptions! Each participating club must provide me with a complete list of their participating entrants by that date. That list is to include name, address, phone number, and e-mail if possible for each participant.
  14. This should go without saying but by participating in an event like this we are
    representing not only ourselves and or our clubs but our larger art community to the public ,so act accordingly. People enjoy meeting the artists; be congenial.
  15. The economy has taken a heavy toll on everyone, patrons and artists alike. Consider that when pricing your work for the event, smaller, affordable pieces may do better than larger more expensive ones in the current climate. Have a range of prices and sizes available for the show, you may have better sales.
  16. All artwork must be framed and available for sale. Gallery wrapped canvases are ok unframed. Each work must be clearly labeled with the artists name, price, title (if any) and size info. You may also sell poly-bagged prints and or cards . Presentation goes a long way so make sure wire is installed properly, glass is clean, frames dusted etc.
  17. You may start tearing down anytime after 5:30 p.m. Please do so quickly and efficiently and take all trash with you from your site. We want to leave the Museum’s grounds as pristine as possible and ready for business the next day.

I think that covers the basics everyone. Any additional information will be provided in the form of and update to this prospectus. Thank you for your interest in this exciting event.

Jeff Bramschreiber

To all CAG members: In order to coordinate this event Dale will need to hear from you by March 20th if you wish to participate.

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