21st Annual Art Show announcement

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Campbell Artists’ Guild’s 21st Annual Art Show at Community Gallery at the Triton Museum of Art

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Art Show Ribbon Recipients with their art

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First Place - "The Road to Ètrochey" • Barb Overholt

First Place – “The Road to Ètrochey” • Barb Overholt

Second Place - "Before the Wedding" • Susanne Koga

Second Place – “Before the Wedding” • Susanne Koga

Third Place - "Opposites Attract" • Dave Eisbach

Third Place – “Opposites Attract” • Dave Eisbach


First Place - "Cell Phone Sacrifice" • Denis Wik

First Place – “Cell Phone Sacrifice” • Denis Wik

Second Place - "Gateway" • Diann Klink

Second Place – “Gateway” • Diann Klink

Third Place - "Edie’s Roses" • Annie Olander

Third Place – “Edie’s Roses” • Annie Olander


First Place - "Wish I Were There" • Cheryl Fuelleman

First Place – “Wish I Were There” • Cheryl Fuelleman

Second Place - "Welcome to the Farm" • Marlene Bird

Second Place – “Welcome to the Farm” • Marlene Bird

Third Place - "The Egg Separator Gang" • Sharon La Bouff

Third Place – “The Egg Separator Gang” • Sharon La Bouff

Mixed Media

First Place - "Companulas with Mama’s Horse from Mexico" • Serena Murray

First Place – “Companulas with Mama’s Horse from Mexico” • Serena Murray

Second Place - "My Coney Island Baby" • Patty Dick

Second Place – “My Coney Island Baby” • Patty Dick

Third Place - "Still Life" • Sharon La Bouff

Third Place – “Still Life” • Sharon La Bouff

Pastels • Colored Pencils

First – "A Quiet Corner" • Mary Kahn

First – “A Quiet Corner” • Mary Kahn

Second – "Kitty" • Karen Franzenburg

Second – “Kitty” • Karen Franzenburg

Third – "Albert" Faranik Sinai

Third – “Albert” Faranik Sinai

Alternate Mediums

First Place - "Jasalmer Palace Window" • Smruti Kurse

First Place – “Jasalmer Palace Window” • Smruti Kurse


First Place – "Fall Reflections" • Patricia Dennis

First Place – “Fall Reflections” • Patricia Dennis

Second Place –  "Old Times" • Karen Franzenburg

Second Place – “Old Times” • Karen Franzenburg

Third Place – "Autumn Road" • Patricia Dennis

Third Place – “Autumn Road” • Patricia Dennis


"Port of Los Angeles" • Oil • Judith (Jude) Tolley

“Port of Los Angeles” • Oil • Judith (Jude) Tolley

Group Photo of Exhibitors for 2018 show

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Photo Montage of Opening Reception

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19th Annual Art Show Photos

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